À la carte at Hällsnäs

In our restaurant Sjöö, we serve tasty dinners with the heart of Swedish cuisine.
Welcome to an à la carte that you won’t soon forget!

Restaurang Sjöö

À la carte with ingredients from the Swedish kitchen

Our ambition is that every meal in our restaurant should be an experience in itself. Our ingredients are carefully selected and the food is prepared with both heart and soul. Our head chef is constantly working on composing new exciting menus for the coming seasons. With finesse and finesse, our kitchen staff selects the ingredients used in our restaurant, often and preferably locally rooted. With our own herb cultivation, we have the ambition to become completely self-sufficient in herbs. The philosophy with the food is that it should be well prepared with simple flavors which can then be served in an airy and lovely atmosphere. The food is composed by our food creator Thomas Sjögren, who in 2015 won the prestigious Chef of the Year competition, as well as head chefs Veronica Ojde & Charlie Hertzman.

Á la carte menu

Our well-composed evening menu
served Monday – Saturday from 6:00pm.
The menu can be changed both according to season and mood. Therefore, do not be surprised if we have something extra on the menu when you visit us.
Warm welcome!

To ensure a place in the restaurant, we recommend you book a table.

Vad ska ni hitta på idag?

Förutom en hotellvistelse med hisnande vacker natur och en restaurang som serverar utomordentligt goda måltider både till lunch och middag, så finns det även mycket att sysselsätta sig med när man besöker oss på Hällsnäs.