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Find answers here to the most commonly asked questions.


Is there an age limit to stay at the hotel?2023-04-14T15:31:32+02:00

Minors (children under 18 ) can’t check in and/or stay overnight on their own without a parent/guardian/other responsible adult.

What do extra beds cost?2023-08-21T11:12:01+02:00

Baby crib: SEK 350/night
Children: SEK 500/night
Adult: SEK 850/night

Extra bed must be pre-booked.

What kinds of beds are available for children in the hotel room?2023-04-14T15:32:06+02:00

When you book a room you can choose which type of bed your child/children will sleep in. If you choose ‘cot’ there is no extra cost. Choosing ‘parents’ bed’ means that you share the bed with your child. ‘Own bed’ means that an extra bed will be placed in the room, costing SEK 300.

What does it cost for children to stay the night?2023-04-14T15:32:26+02:00

Up to 2 children under 6 can stay free when they share the same bed as their parents.

Booking and Paying

I have lost the receipt for my stay, what should I do?2023-04-14T15:34:04+02:00

Email us at info@hallsnas.se and we can email the receipt to you. By law we are only allowed to print two receipts.

Can I pay with cash?2023-04-14T15:34:24+02:00

No, Hällsnäs Hotell & Restaurang is a cash free hotel. You can however pay by Swish.

Can I pay by invoice?2023-04-14T15:34:48+02:00

Hällsnäs has a minimum invoice limit of SEK 1,500 for companies. Exceptions may apply and fees may apply. It is not possible to pay by invoice as a private person.

What is your cancellation policy?2023-04-14T15:35:08+02:00

Cancellation policy can vary depending on which type of booking you make. You can check which policy applies on your booking confirmation.

I haven’t received my booking confirmation yet. What should I do?2023-04-14T15:35:28+02:00

If you book directly with the hotel via telephone or email, the confirmation will be emailed to you when the the booking is complete. If your confirmation hasn’t arrived please contact us again.

Business travellers

Are there any agreements for people who travel a lot for work?2023-04-14T15:36:48+02:00

If you’d like to be a contract customer contact us at info@hallsnas.se


How late can you check in? Do I need to let the hotel know if I will be arriving late?2023-04-14T15:37:37+02:00

If you have guaranteed your room with a credit card you can check in when you want. Let us know if you will be arriving after 22.00. If you haven’t guaranteed your room you need to check in before 22.00 when reception is manned.

What are check in and out times?2023-04-14T15:38:03+02:00

Guaranteed check in from 15.00
Check out up to 11.00
Contact us if you wish to check in or out at other times.

Do you offer a shuttle service?2023-10-19T13:44:21+02:00

No we don’t, but we can help you book a taxi.

How long does it take to get to the train station?2023-04-14T15:38:36+02:00

18 minutes when there are no traffic hold ups.

How long does it take to get to the airport?2023-04-14T15:38:52+02:00

21 minutes when there are no traffic hold ups.

How many beds?2024-05-30T10:41:57+02:00


How many rooms does Hällsnäs have?2024-05-30T10:40:28+02:00

We have 37 rooms in total. 1 single room, 14 small double rooms, 19 standard double rooms, 2 family rooms and 1 Sjöstuga lakeside suite.


Are there any allergy friendly rooms?2023-04-14T15:40:02+02:00

Most of our rooms are allergy adapted but please still contact the hotel first so we can be sure that you are placed in a suitable room.

What happens if I want to bring a guide dog or companion?2023-04-14T15:40:19+02:00

We’d love to welcome you here! Guide dogs or accompanying companions in the same room are not charged extra, upon presentation of a certificate.

How do I book an accessible room for people with disabilities?2023-04-14T15:40:37+02:00

To book an accessible room contact the hotel directly. We have a limited number of accessible rooms.


Can I bring my dog to the hotel?2023-10-20T09:53:28+02:00

We offer a number of hotel rooms for your four legged friend. Calm and quiet dogs are also very welcome to come into the restaurant. To ensure that there is a dog friendly room free please book via info@hallsnas.se or +46 31 91 64 66
The supplement for a dog friendly room is SEK 350 per night and max two dogs are allowed per room.

Food & Drink

If I need to travel early, can I get a takeaway breakfast?2023-04-14T15:43:17+02:00

Packed breakfast is a simpler version of our classic breakfast buffet. Tell reception that you will be leaving early when you check in. Packed breakfasts should be ordered no later than 20.00 the day before departure.

Is breakfast always included?2023-02-01T12:51:00+01:00


I have a food allergy, what can the hotel provide as an alternative?2023-04-14T15:43:34+02:00

We do our best to cater for all our guests’ special diets. It’s important to contact us in advance to ensure that we can fulfil your request.


I’m coming with an electric car, can I charge it at the hotel?2023-04-14T15:44:09+02:00

Yes. Contact us for more information.

Is there parking at the hotel?2023-04-14T15:44:25+02:00

Parking is free at Hällsnäs. There are car parks both outside and inside the gates. The gates are always left open.

Gift cards

I’ve lost my gift card. Can you replace it?2023-04-14T15:45:25+02:00

Unfortunately we do not replace lost gift cards.

Can the expiry date of the gift card be extended?2023-04-14T15:45:41+02:00

It’s not possible to extend the expiry date of the gift card.

Does the gift card need to be valid when I’m staying or is it sufficient if it’s valid when I make the booking?2023-04-14T15:45:59+02:00

The gift card should be valid when you stay or make a purchase, as you pay with it directly at the hotel.

I have been given a gift card. How do I use it?2023-04-14T15:46:18+02:00

Gift cards can be used towards accommodation, restaurant visits or events that can be booked directly with us.

Can I give a digital gift card?2023-04-14T15:46:36+02:00

Yes. When you buy a digital gift card you can choose if it’s for you or someone else. If you want to give it as a present fill in the email address of the person you want to give it to when you make the purchase.

How do I buy a digital gift card?2023-04-14T15:47:37+02:00

You can buy a digital gift card here and pay with the most commonly used bank cards.

What gift cards can I buy and how do I buy them?2023-04-14T15:47:58+02:00

There are several different kinds of gift card you can buy here. Gift cards for specific events or for any amount.

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