What applies when I book a room?

These are the hotel’s standard booking conditions for room bookings. Different conditions may apply at individual events. Group and conference bookings have their own booking conditions. For detailed information, contact Booking.

Who is liable?

Hällsnäs AB
Tel: +46 31 91 64 66
Org nr: 556311-3322
VAT nr: SE556311332201
Bg nr: 5617-6175
IBAN: SE02 8000 0836 8370 4697 4049

As lessors we are obliged to ensure that:

  • you receive a written confirmation of your booking.
  • within 30 days before the agreed arrival date, you will receive documents and information on how payment is to be made, and where the key can be collected, in good time.
  • the room/apartment is as described on the confirmation.
  • We are not liable for promises the owner or their contact person has made directly to you without our knowledge and which we didn’t know about or should know about.
  • If you are not satisfied with the room, please contact us immediately.
    Read more about that below.

When does my booking become binding?
If you choose an option where your booking is paid in advance then it becomes binding when you have paid for the booking.
If you choose an option where payment happens when you arrive at the hotel, the booking is binding from 15.00 the day before arrival.

When should I pay?
If you have chosen to do a booking with payment in advance that should be with us according to the actual payment date on your confirmation, however no later than 30 days before arrival.
Otherwise payment takes place when you check in to the hotel.

What happens if I don’t pay in time?
If you don’t pay the deposit or final amount in time we will cancel your booking, upon which cancellation policy applies. Payment reminders are not sent out for unpaid deposits.

What happens if I want to cancel?
You can cancel verbally or in writing to us. If you have made your booking via a partner the cancellation should be made with them. Please also note that their cancellation policy might be different.
If your booking has been made with payment in advance the booking can’t be changed or cancelled without a charge.
If your booking has not been paid for in advance free changes of date of stay or cancellation of the hotel room can be made up to 15.00 the day before arrival/check in. Otherwise the whole stay will be charged.

What rights do I have?
If the room is not provided in the promised condition and we cannot offer you another similar room, you have the right to cancel the agreement. We must then return everything you have paid us, with a deduction for the use you may have had of the room.
You have the right to let someone else take your place and we must accept that person unless we have specific reasons not to. If you wish to do that you must notify us before day of arrival.
If you have a complaint you should bring it to us as soon as possible, no later than 11.00 the day after arrival. Please inform us of any problem occuring during your stay immediately, so that we have a chance to correct it

What obligations do I have?
Minimum age 25 applies for 2 people in every property. ID will be checked on arrival. Exceptions by agreement. You must take good care of the room and follow the rules, instructions and regulations that apply. Between 22.00 and 07.00 guests should behave considerately towards other guests by being quiet. You are liable for all damages that occur to the property and its furnishings, as a result of you or someone in your party being careless. You are required to comply with the no smoking and no pets rules applicable to your room. Violations will be penalised. There is a charge of 5000 SEK for unauthorised smoking. You must not use the room for anything other than that agreed when booking (usually recreational purposes) and you are not allowed to let more people stay in the room than stated at the time of booking.
You must leave all the keys to your room when you leave.
If you expect to arrive after 18.00 on the day of arrival, contact the hotel to confirm your booking.

The agreement ceases to apply with immediate effect if:

  • you or someone in your party engages in disruptive behaviour in the room/area.
  • you or someone in your party commits damage to the room/area.
  • the room is used for not intended purposes.
    If the agreement ceases to apply because of the above named reasons you and your party must move out of the room immediately, and you are not entitled to recover any part of the rental amount

What happens if we aren’t in agreement?
Come to us immediately with any complaints. Bear in mind that the opportunity to have things put right may be reduced if you delay in making a complaint. If we are not in agreement you can contact the Allmänna Reklamationsnämnden (The National Board for Consumer Disputes). It consists of an impartial chairperson and a number of representatives of tour operators and consumers. A consumer adviser in your home country can help you.

War, natural catastrophes, strikes etc:
The parties have the right to withdraw from the brokered agreement if the room cannot be provided due to acts of war, natural disasters, labour market conflicts, longer interruptions in water and energy supply, fire or other major events, which neither you nor we could foresee or influence.
We are obliged in that case as soon as possible to offer rebooking or refund what you have paid, with a deduction for the use you may have had of the room.

Information about arrival and departure times:
Earliest check in 15:00 and latest check out 11:00