Environmental policy


At Hällsnäs, we strive to offer products and services that have been produced with the minimum environmental impact possible. We are a Nordic Ecolabelled facility and are constantly working to reduce our environmental impact by improving our work in energy, water, resource consumption, chemicals and waste management.

We have clear routines for all employees so they will feel involved and take responsibility for the environment. We prioritize suppliers who are environmentally certified and who work actively with sustainability.

Own treatment plant for water and sewage

Our treatment plant was installed in 2017 and is adapted to the environmental requirements that prevail here at Långenäs.

The treatment plant is built around a modular system of fiberglass tanks adapted to the hotel’s capacity. At the heart of the treatment plant, the bioreactor, the biological treatment takes place. They use so-called fix film technology where the bacteria that break down the pollutants live on a carrier material as opposed to activated sludge processes. The bacteria are given optimal oxygenation through air diffusers in the tank. The advantages of the fixed film technology include more stable operation, very low sludge escape and a protected bacterial strain.


  • We continuously review energy use and register consumption every month.
  • Low energy lamps / LED lamps
  • Rooms are equipped with customized ventilation.
  • The plant has been continuously energy efficient in connection with renovation.


  • Toilets are flush-free
  • Our tap water is high-class, filtered here and environmentally friendly.
  • Special nozzles for taps and showers are used to minimize consumption.


We sort our waste as far as possible; food waste, glass, recycled paper (paper / newspapers), paper packaging (cardboard / corrugated cardboard), hard plastic packaging, metal packaging, electricity (eg light sources), hazardous waste (eg batteries).

We review and minimize the use of disposable items.

Washing and cleaning

  • Detergents and detergents used in daily operations are eco-labeled.
  • Toilet and kitchen paper, paper towels and other paper products are eco-labeled.
  • We are careful to dose detergent in the right amount.
  • Our laundry is ISO and Nordic Ecolabelled


  • We offer organic and locally produced alternatives when serving and strive to increase the range,
  • We always offer vegetarian alternatives.
  • Disposable packaging is being phased out as far as possible
  • We inform, train and further train staff to increase knowledge and commitment to environmental work.
  • We show how our guests can participate and contribute to our environmental work during their stay.


  • Our letters, printer paper and other paper in our offices are eco-labeled.
  • We shut down our equipment when it is not in use.

Conferences & meetings

We are members of Svenska Möten (Swedish Meetings) and and thus fulfill their requirements.

Sigill svenska möten

Nordic Swan Ecolabelling

Our hotel & restaurant are Nordic Swan Ecolabelled.